~The Gyros~


~ The Gyro Family ~

       JOHNNY GYRO KARATE classes are taught and ONLY taught by members of the Gyro family to maintain a high standard of caring and integrity providing quality instruction for each and every student!! No outside instructors will do!! Johnny Gyro and his family have been residents of Agoura Hills, California for over 20 years and Mr. Gyro is very proud to introduce his family!

Mrs. Noel Gyro, 6th Degree Black Belt

Noel Gyro, in addition to being a proud and very blessed wife and mother, has been thoroughly taken by the Martial Arts for over 23 years!  Mrs. Gyro is also the author of the top ten rated children's 8-book series,"The Adventures of Marshall & Art".  All 8 books in the "Marshall & Art" series were nationally published by ABDO Publishing with the first set of four making their debut in September 2008, the second set of four released the following year. Written and inspired by her own children and hoping to influence young readers everywhere to "do the right thing" and to make wise choices, it was a dream fulfilled for Noel to have all 8 stories published and distributed around the world.  Mrs. Gyro still thoroughly enjoys taking karate classes to continue to broaden her martial arts skills and techniques.  An avid fitness buff and while maintaining her own rigorous daily workout regimen, Mrs. Gyro also personally trains women in an exercise program designed specifically for women's needs and goals.


Mr. Ryan Gyro, 6th Degree Black Belt

Ryan Gyro enthusiastically began taking karate at the age of 5 and his interest in martial arts  never wavered.  With 25 years of martial arts experience and over 15 years of teaching experience, he is dedicated to his class instruction skills and continues with his martial arts studies, as well. A gifted and talented fighter like his father, Ryan has worked hands on beside his dad assisting in instruction since the age of 12.  Ryan began teaching our preschoolers years ago and helped to develop our Pee Wee Karate Program for kids ages 4-5 years old. Ryan Gyro continues to pride himself on remaining true to the traditions and disciplines of the martial arts while thoroughly enjoying teaching kids of all ages as well as adults in group classes.  Mr. Ryan Gyro specializes in Private Instruction, as well. Ryan Gyro can be found on the karate mat each and every day at JOHNNY GYRO KARATE!!


Mr. Brandon ("B") Gyro,

Second Degree Black Belt, began in Pee Wee Karate classes at the age of 3, B Gyro taught for over 6 years until he being hired by Fox Sports where he currently works full time as a Broadcast Engineer in Charge.  As an instructor, B had a unique style that kept kids smiling, motivated and uplifted with his natural "kid" skills.  He has a knack for positively guiding and motivating children through their martial arts experience! Adept at fighting having come up as a gifted and agile fighter, B was a perfect opponent for challenging all those that tested for Black Belt on the sparring portion of their test.  Though he is currently not teaching at JGK, B Gyro's karate skills, dedication and sense of humor are definitely missed at JGK!


Mr. Harley Gyro,

Second Degree Black Belt, age 19, Harley has been studying karate since the age of 3 like his brother, B. Harley still enjoys both taking and teaching karate classes and Private Lessons. We are also very proud that Harley enjoys both assisting and instructing in our children's program where his positive attitude is always a motivational plus!  Harley has a very special talent for and really enjoys working with children of all ages! Harley's bright smile reflects his enthusiastic outlook coupled with his eagerness to help all who enter Johnny Gyro Karate!  Harley is a gifted Martial Artist who still studies and trains with a dedication and intensity that spills over to all those he meets at JOHNNY GYRO KARATE!

Respect yourself.