CHILDREN'S KARATE - ALL children's classes separated by BELT LEVEL! NO COMBINED CLASS INSTRUCTION!! NO OTHER LOCAL STUDIO offers such a valuable asset and teaching tools! Our 45-minute classes are intended for kids ages 5-12. School age kids receive all of the traditional karate instruction and belt requirements PLUS self defense including how to handle bullying, peer pressure, stranger danger along with the essential building of confidence & self esteem, focus and concentration development!


ADULT KARATE PROGRAM - ALL CLASSES TAUGHT BY JOHNNY GYRO!!  Classes for adults are offered several times per week - morning and evening convenient times plus specialty classes offered on weekends, too!  All abilities, ages and sizes can excel at Johnny Gyro Karate and enjoy every minute of it!  From a beginner lacking any experience up to and including Black Belt instruction! Classes offer traditional belt requirements along with vital, effective self defense, a variety of motivating training drills and techniques that pave the way from one belt to the next! Mr. Gyro's classes are an enjoyable and challenging program for all fitness levels!


CARDIO KICKBOXING - A butt busting cardio workout to burn fat and build a healthy heart! Kickboxing techniques blended together to build muscle, firm, tone and shape up! Performed to "pumped up" music - all abilities are WELCOME! ALL cardio classes personally taught by Johnny or Noel Gyro - no outside instructors! Our own peak physical fitness condition is a direct result from our cardio kickboxing classes! If it didn't work, we wouldn't do's just that simple. Adults and teens over 13 years, please!!


MRS. GYRO'S WOMEN'S WORKOUT CLASSES!  Out of shape or looking to up your level of fitness and energy, but lack confidence or have you tried other programs that simply didn't work? This program was created and is taught for WOMEN ONLY by Noel Gyro! All exercises get right to women's trouble spots kicking up a slow metabolism in order to achieve better health, fitness, tone and an improved appearance!! Hour long classes, a level above our cardio kickboxing workout, these classes offer comprehensive attention to a woman's body and lifestyle plus health and nutrition guidance. Want a hard body or simply want to slim down, lose cellulite and shape up? It's more achievable than you might think!! Nothing feels better than looking and being fit!!! What are you waiting for?