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Johnny & Noel Gyro, invite you to scroll down and look over all 8 children's books written by Mrs. Gyro, "The "Adventures of Marshall & Art", our "Live to Tell About It", "Defense Incorporated" DVD's for women & teen self defense PLUS "Bully 911", an instructional DVD for parents and children providing resolutions to bullying tactics.  You will find links to our other websites for further information!

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We are very proud to announce that "THE ADVENTURES OF MARSHALL & ART", children's books, published by ABDO PUBLISHING, INC., made the "Top 20" in sales!  You can purchase online by going to abdopublishing.com, or retail sites such as barnesandnoble.com, target.com,  & amazon.com.  Search author "Noel Gyro Potter" for all editions!


"The Adventures of Marshall & Art" 

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Our Children's Books

 The first book in the "THE ADVENTURES OF MARSHALL & ART" is "A VERY STICKY SITUATION" where Marshall, Art and the new boy in the neighborhood find themselves in a very sticky situation with the town's biggest bully! See how they handle the bully by using their words and their heads instead of their Karate!


Read about Walter Dibble in "DIBBLE CAN'T DRIBBLE" as he shows us we can find whatever it is that we do best and we just might surprise ourselves!! Marshall & Art help us to remember to keep trying because trying your best is the most important thing you can do!

"PLAN B" - Read about what happens to Marshall, Art & their friends when they venture up the "wrong road" and the consequences from going where they don't belong!

"Lost In the Mall"  - Getting lost, it's happened to us all, but Marshall & Art will show you the ways to stay safe and together at all times!

"THE SPOILED SPORT" - No one likes a "spoiled sport" and neither do Marshall & Art! They figure out how to turn a spoiled sport into a "good sport"! 


“STRANGER DANGER" - Marshall & Art learned some important "Stranger Danger" tricks through their karate training! Find out how they use it to stay safe with their friends!

"A WHEEL LIFE LESSON" - Taking a dare is never a good idea because it means your whole life can change! Learn from Marshall & Art how important it is to say "No" when it's about your safety!

“WRITING A WRONG" - Even some of the coolest kids make mistakes! Follow Marshall & Art as they discover what the new kid in town has been doing!!

 Instructional DVD's


 Defense Incorporated, producers of "LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT", are proud to present this instructional DVD teaching effective and easy to learn self defense techniques for teens and women! NO ONE ever thinks they will be a victim of crime, but whether it is someone you know or a stranger that you have never seen before, everyone should be able to protect their safety and their life BEFORE it's too late. Check out "LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT" - it's available at defenseincorporated.com, amazon.com, netflix.com, barnesandnoble.com and many other media sites. Click these links for further information or to purchase "LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT" or "BULLY 911" for those you love and care about!


PURCHASE OF any or all DVD'S CAN BE CONVENIENTLY FOUND AT: target.com,barnes&noble.comamazon.com,netflix.com, defenseincorporated.com and bully911.com. DVD's can also be purchased at JOHNNY GYRO KARATE!

Visit bully911.com to purchase this DVD created especially for kids and their parents to learn how to cope and handle the heartbreaking and recurring problem of bullying and peer pressure! Find solutions and techniques to help to protect your child from bullying! They shouldn't have to do it alone!! Watch the DVD together!