About The Gyro's


About the Gyro's

Noel Gyro Sixth Degree Black Belt, in addition to being a proud and very blessed wife and mother which are her highest priorities and joys, she began many years ago to fully commit herself to the study of Martial Arts!  Nearing her 24th year, it began with an intrigue and great interest to learn how to spar and kickbox which is how it all began for her, learning from her husband, the best in the Martial Arts world!!  From there, it was a natural transition to study and become proficient in each and every belt level through to her current rank of 6th Degree Black Belt.  Each class, each test, each student that she worked with through many years made it all a very memorable, extremely positive experience.  It definitely was a life changing journey to train, study and learn every aspect of the countless benefits that Martial Arts has to offer with the incredible opportunity to learn from Johnny's Gyro's extensive and unmatched karate experience!  Mrs. Gyro still thoroughly enjoys learning everything there is to learn to broaden her martial arts skills and techniques.  Particularly fond of teaching our young students in the children's program at JOHNNY GYRO KARATE, she really enjoys the interaction, enthusiasm and positivity that children bring each day!  From the first day JOHNNY GYRO KARATE began, Mr. & Mrs. Gyro have always felt very blessed to work, train and teach together alongside each other on the mat!  It is a true privilege and pleasure!!


Mrs. Gyro is also the author of the top ten rated children's 8-book series,"The Adventures of Marshall & Art".  All 8 books in the "Marshall & Art" series were nationally published by ABDO Publishing with the first set of four making their debut in September 2008, the second set of four released the following year. Written and inspired by her own children and hoping to influence young readers everywhere to "do the right thing" and to make wise choices especially when spontaneous situations arise.  It was truly a dream fulfilled for her to have all 8 stories published and distributed around the world translated in several languages for all kids to enjoy!


Additionally, Mrs. Gyro is an avid and devoted fitness buff and she has been for 35 years. While maintaining her own rigorous daily workout regimen, Mrs. Gyro also personally trains women in an exercise program designed specifically for women's needs and goals.  Mrs. Gyro offers three cardio kickboxing classes during the week especially designed for women to tone, firm, shape up and to gain vital cardio health.  Whether you are a beginner trying to get back into shape or perhaps, you are in a workout regimen that needs to be jumpstarted, everyone can benefit from a metabolism boost to burn calories and fat.  Mrs. Gyro's workout blends the benefit of free weights with an energetic cardio regimen plus floor work that will give you an all around fitness workout that you can make part of your regular healthy lifestyle!